Artists wanted at new hotel in Bergen, Norway

August 19th, 2020

Moxy Hotels is opening in Bergen, Norway next year and is looking for artists that want to decorate the walls at the international hotel. The five walls measure between two and 13 sqm.

Moxy Hotels has always invited artists to decorate its walls throughout the world. When the hotel opens in Bergen, which is a city famous for its street art, the tradition of course continues. The operator, Core Hospitality, is now searching for artists that are interested in immortalizing their art at the upcoming international lifestyle hotel, Moxy Bergen.

The art at Moxy Hotels embodies a fun and innovative business approach to curating art and style, a match with the Moxy brand itself,” says Kristian Haaber, Brand Manager at Core Hospitality. “We create a platform for emerging artists to explore their creativity and showcase their work. The program also reinvents the conventional hotel guest experience and encourage new conversations around art and culture.”

Unique opportunity for artists

All types of art are welcome to apply to this unique opportunity. The Moxy brand allows the walls to be decorated by any form of art. The selected artists will get the opportunity to exhibit their work in the permanent art collection. The walls have the following measurements in meters:

  • H3.2 x W4.0 (12.8 sqm)
  • H3.8 x W2.7 (10.3 sqm)
  • H2.6 x W1.8 (4.7 sqm)
  • H1.5 x W1.0 (1.5 sqm)
  • H1.0 x W1.6 (1.6 sqm)

The artists will be given 10 weekdays to complete the installations just before the opening in 2021. Core Hospitality will contribute by paying the production costs, in principal offering a free canvas for the artists, as well as an agreed fee for the decorating assignment (the budget for each art installation is agreed individually).

Send your application

To be considered, artists must send the following materials to the hotel operator’s Brand Manager, Kristian Haaber, at no later than October 1st:

  • A description of the subject/theme of the art installation and/or a visual sketch (JPEG/PNG)
  • Conceptual inspiration to visualize vision
  • An outlined plan with choice of materials and a budget
  • Examples of previous work (portfolio)

When the sketches have been received, they will be evaluated by Core Hospitality, after which they are sent to Marriott International for approval. If they are approved, the sketches will go through a revision process in a collaboration between the artist, Core Hospitality and Marriott International.

It is possible to become familiar with the Moxy brand at

About Core Hospitality
Core Hospitality is a Danish hotel operator that is independent of brands and flexible to operate under any type of contract. The company can implement and operate whichever brand best suits the property and location of a hotel. Core Hospitality was established by Zleep Hotels and has since established a strong, independent portfolio of hotels; Best Western Plus in Kastrup and Moxy in Copenhagen. Its confirmed pipeline of projects include Moxy Bergen and Moxy Tromsø. Read more at

Art wall #1

3.2 meters tall x 4.0 meters wide. In total, 12.8 square meters. The wall is located in the energetic NOW lounge area, near the large windows overlooking the fjords.

Art wall #2

3.8 meters tall x 2.7 meters wide. In total, 10.3 square meters. The wall is located by the main entrance, on the right side of the reception and bar.

Art wall #3

2.6 meters tall x 1.8 meters wide. In total, 4.7 square meters. The wall is located in the unplugged lounge area, by the entrance to the hotel’s meeting room.

Art wall #4

1.5 meters tall x 1.0 meters wide. In total, 1.5 square meters. The wall is located in the energetic NOW lounge area, just opposite the bar.

Art wall #5

1.0 meters tall x 1.6 meters wide. In total, 1.6 square meters. The wall is located opposite the elevators (not visualized).

Mood board with inspiration from other Moxy Hotels

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